InCast ostrrava 2023 Conference

InCast ostrrava 2023 Conference

InCAST 2023 will be held mainly in the Czech Republic. On that occasion, we have received a greeting from the organizers.

Welcome to the highly anticipated conference in Ostrava, Czech Republic, where the spotlight shines on artificial intelligence and the dawning of a new era. As we bid farewell to the classic era of human intelligence, we embark on a journey into the unknown, filled with uncertainty and boundless possibilities. This gathering aims to explore the uncharted territory of the future, where the speed and essence of this new world remain veiled in mystery. Join us as we dive into the depths of this rapidly evolving landscape where fear and expectation are intertwined and discover together the potential that lies ahead

by Tomáš and Arek.

InCAST is an international organization of artists, teachers and researchers from Poland, Czech Republic, Japan and other countries. 

Dates : August 1-4
Location : City Campus, University of Ostrava

Openning Event

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“Butoh” dance was born in Japan as a counterculture against relatively opposing concept, such as established classical ballet. Ballet aspires to flight into the air.

“Butoh” aspires to return to the earth. In ballet, the stretched body becomes a symbol of freedom and openness. In “Butoh”, the shrinking movement of the body becomes awe that questions the bias.

For me, “Butoh” is also connected to homage to those who have been discriminated/oppressed or estimated to be weak.

In “InCast2023”, Professor Arek Marcinkowski set up a confrontational presentation between universal Western music and “Butoh” rooted in the regional characteristics of Japan. Based on his magical inspiration, Prof. Katarzyna Dondalska's noble soprano and Mr. Michal Landowski's dynamic piano will confront Shibasaki's “Butoh" and then expected to be created new conflicts, with the great potential to lead to the result of cross-cultural resonance.

Masamichi Shibasaki

After a wonderful collaboration on the visual project with Professor Arkadiusz Marcinkowski, we wanted to do something new, perhaps even something that had never been done before. And that's when the irresistible idea came from Professor Marcinkowski. It involved combining music with vision and Butoh dance. For me, it was a beautiful, new, and exciting challenge, completely different from opera performances or symphonic concerts that form the basis of my profession. We selected a beautiful program, including new and contemporary pieces that have a powerful impact on our imagination. They serve as a fantastic catalyst, building a connection between our professions of music, words, vision, and dance.

Prof. Katarzyna Dondalska

 Conference Schedule (tentative)

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Tuesday, August 1

6–22 pm

evening guided tour of the Lower Vítkovice Area and the GDM Contemporary – Gallery for Contemporary Art + social evening

Wednesday, August 2

9 am (CET/UTC+1)

opening of the conference

9.30 am (CET/UTC+1) + online

opening speech, Arkadiusz Marcinkowski

Coffee break

10.30 am (CET/UTC+1) + online

1st section

11.55– 12.15 pm (CET/UTC+1) + online


12.15 pm (CET/UTC+1)


1.30 pm (CET/UTC+1)

2nd section

2.55–3.15 pm (CET/UTC+1) + online


3.15 pm (CET/UTC+1) + online

Closing of the first day of the conference.

3.30–4.45 pm (CET/UTC+1)

Tour of the buildings of the City Campus of the University of Ostrava

6 pm (CET/UTC+1)

Concert, Chamber Hall, City Campus, University of Ostrava

Thursday, August 3

9 am (CET/UTC+1)

opening of the second day of the konference + coffee

10 am (CET/UTC+1)

3rd section

11.25–12.15 (CET/UTC+1) + online


12.15 (CET/UTC+1) + online

closing ceremony of the konference

12.30 pm (CET/UTC+1)

Lunch + free time

5 pm (CET/UTC+1)

Opening, Exhibition Distant Relatives, City Campus, University of Ostrava